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Bushtrek Safaris is a Limited company with head quarters in Nairobi. It is owned and run by family of enthusiastic travel planners, who are born in Kenya.

In short, Bushtrek Safaris is a professional - IATA - ASTA - Kenya Ministry of tourism -  safari & travel company whose roots were born out of years of experience in the international airline business & regional tourism market, at point of delivery-service & travel planning.

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Four of us share very special family bond, with over half a century of experience in countless family safaris all over the east African region. Our individual interests gravitate around travel in east Africa & these interests have evolved, branching into conservation & culture, thrill & adventure sports (photography, climbing, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, golfing - and year-on-year this list continues to grow).

At our core is the priceless local cultural knowledge gained from over 60 years of working within and travelling through various small town & villages, understanding individual Kenyan tribes & their cultural differences. This diverse understanding & knowledge further enhances our expertise allowing us to be best placed in planning your African adventure in East Africa.

Over the past decade we have also dedicated resources towards managing the needs of professional bodies (Various Government Agencies, Hospitals, Schools, Non-Governmental Organisations & officials as well as bank executives, doctors & lawyers).

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our services

By listening to our customers’ feedback we have developed a series of innovative, experiential and engaging processes which have led us to evolving classic Safari itineraries

Through our strong presence in east Africa, involving a dedicated team of professional country product managers, drivers, & guides, we are able to structure individual bespoke options, with flexibility and peace of mind. With a true understanding of the ever-changing needs and exacting demands of today’s traveler we are constantly monitoring trends to enable us to grow our business and to meet and surpass these expectations. With our hand on the pulse in the industry, regional affairs, understanding climatic changes, passion & knowledge about our homeland and constructive development of our business, we are able to ensure consistency in the delivery of quality travel services

simple company philosophy:

  1. Provide personalized services that are the very best available in the market in each destination and we will never compromise on service standards

  2. Deliver a level of service that exceeds our client’s expectations

  3. Ensure the company’s products and services conserve the integrity of the environment/Eco-systems, cultural heritage of the communities and wherever possible endeavor to utilize locally-sourced tour guides, drivers & professionals, thereby contributing to the community-at-large

Being a Company run and owned by a family of experienced travelers, our passion, expertise & flexibility allow us to ensure that all our clients – will receive the absolute pinnacle of personalized service and product delivery.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

This is our home, our workplace, and we respect it with the highest principle. 

We remain fully committed to developing our work ethics & philosophies, to better the quality of life for those in our community and ecosystems we promote. It is our moral duty to ‘give Back', and to provide the communities we visit with the tools and education they need to improve their lives now and for generations ahead. As a result, all our tours follow a stringent set of responsible tourism guidelines.  This includes ensuring the communities we work with can benefit as much as possible from tourism, whilst minimizing any negative impact to the environment. Many travelers want to help in making a positive difference, yet knowing which conservation program to donate to or contribute towards can become an overwhelming decision. At Bushtrek Safaris, we will provide you with all the information you require to make the choice that is right for you. In doing so we guarantee that you will be able to contribute directly to those who require it most. From animal conservation to local communities.

Our responsibility extends to one of the most important elements of your safari, the animals themselves. Ranging from simple recycling awareness to helping to educate clients regarding animal conservation.  Protecting the fragile ecosystems you will visit is of paramount importance to us.

We will ensure positive steps are taken to educate clients on cultural respect and customs, so as not to offend local communities/tribes, such as the Maasai. All our drivers and guides encourage our clients to recycle where possible, that engines & propellers are turned off when departing the vehicles & small aircraft.

Providing an opportunity to ‘Give Back’ on a more personal level, many of our tours can include visits to local artisans and small business owners selling handmade goods so clients can purchase directly from the local source.

We have no outside shareholders or directors, nor equity relationships with international conglomerates. So that our ownership can efficiently and promptly respond to the needs of our clientele using the very best of local creative talent in combination with expertise of our extensive regional and international service providers.

We call this part of the world our home, as a result we can drive to create unique and cost effective travel products and services that can create an unequaled safari experience for our traveler.

Simply, bushtreksafaris is best placed to create your bespoke and handpicked experiences around the region.

 Welcome to bushtrek .. welcome to Africa.. 

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