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If there is a place you want to start your African safari, look no further than KenyaSynonymous with the word Safari, Kenya is where we at bushtreksafaris call home.

It is one of the best known safari destinations in the World.

When you think of going on safari, often indulging in a bit of Big Cat Diary  or Sir D. Attenboroughs's Life Series, Kenya is where safari begins

Why? Because Kenya provides infrastructure that makes it hassle free as a business hub. With accessible ports, international banking, United Nations largest & most important base outside New York, all instil a sense of security that lends itself well as a place to begin your African journey.

Kenya is the scene for the most dramatic and thrilling spectacle in the animal kingdom.. 

 The Great Wildebeest Migration. Satellite imagery & aerial photography do not do justice to the 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, 18,000 eland and 500,000 Thompson’s gazelle, that you can watch , up-close, tracked, chased, hunted by the animal kingdom's most ravenous carnivores. Lion, leopard, cheetah.. don’t miss out.. be there, feel and hear the beating hoofs thunder past from meters away.

 From little cute baby elephants on the red soils of Tsvao & Amboseli adjacent to the towering Mt Kilimanjaro, unique elusive black leopard of the Aberdare range under Mt Kenya’s watchful eye, lions mane fluttering majestically as it stands tall over its domain in the Maasai Mara game reserve, to the breath-taking speed of the cheetah across the flat plains of the savanna.. Kenya is the first Safari destination. 

On a Kenyan safari its not a matter of if-you-will-catch sight of that one animal you have always wanted to see in its natural habitat but ..when & how many!..

Make Kenya, your hub to Africa.. start your safari here

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